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I have been part of a team attending a course with Pegasus Evolution during the past year. For me this course has been incredibly beneficial in both my business and personal life. It has provided me with a great number of different tools which I can use in all aspects of what I do and helped me change my attitude towards certain situations that life throws at you.

Mary’s style of teaching has suited me perfectly. With 12 month courses it can be difficult to maintain a fresh approach, but each session achieves this through Mary’s consistent enthusiasm, which is contagious. It is also very clear to see the sheer amount of preparation that is put into each session, and I always enjoy the exercises which are directly related to our business.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect for me is Mary’s ability to adapt herself and the course, based upon the feedback she receives from the attendees. This means that she is always looking to improve the course and make it relevant to us, both professionally and personally. In short, Mary practices the very subject she teaches which is always a great example.

Joel Chimoindes - Operations Manager, Videonations Ltd
(Video Communication Solution Provider)

Imago took the decision to invest a large proportion of our training budget in a bespoke course for our sales, marketing and finance staff. We chose Pegasus Evolution to deliver a series of courses spanning a year, and we have seen a marked improvement in company performance during this time. Those that attended have enjoyed rapid development of their interpersonal skills, aiding relationships with colleagues, suppliers and customers alike. Indeed, some of those that attended have subscribed for further training at their own expense - including myself!

James Vickerage - Business Manager, Imago Group Plc
(Audio Video Equipment Distributor)

I have been part of a team from Imago who have been participating in a 12 day training course with Mary from Pegasus Evolution over the past year. The participants from sales, marketing, accounts and service departments have not only enjoyed the sessions but have benefited enormously from the experience.

Mary's relaxed but well structured training program has been designed to get the best from individuals and the team. All the senior management team at Imago feel that the program was very worthwhile and would recommend Mary and her team at Pegasus as excellent providers of the course and coaching programs.

Peter Nice - Head of Marketing, Imago Group Plc
(Audio Video Equipment Distributor)

I loved the safe, fun, relaxed environment that Mary created. The group’s respect and warmth to her and each other, and enthusiasm for the session was immediately apparent. This level of trust and openness, especially between work colleagues is very rare, and is testament to your skilful championing of them as a team and equally as diverse individuals.

The team’s skills were quite astounding. Without exception their questions to us and to each other, in their exercises demonstrated their comprehensive understanding of the course content. No mean feat indeed, given that this course runs just for one day a month.

Mary had a quite brilliant clarity and directness in introducing new concepts, and an ability to keep things as simple as possible without being too simple. She combined this with a gentleness that lead them into areas that otherwise could have been very intimidating. At all times she ensured everyone was safe, without smothering them or holding them back in any way. Her heartfelt passion for personal development shone throughout, but at no time was this overbearing – I was very pleased to be there !!!!

Phil Reed, Coaching for Choice

As the Sales Manager I spend a lot of time with my sales staff when they visit customers and sales presentations. My team is a young team (I'm the oldest one at 28) and this can make it hard to sell and present to hardened business people, many of whom have been in their business a lot longer than us put together. Often we make contact at high level within an organisation and this can make these challenges harder still.

The training we have received with Pegasus Evolution has taught my sales people some really important techniques that have allowed them to get closer to their customers. They are able to understand things from the customer’s point of view, remain calm in difficult negotiations or challenging situations. They can also create great rapport with important clients no matter what their level, experience, age or personality type. As a result we are much closer to our customers now. They treat us like business consultants rather than sales people. Our presentation skills have improved beyond measure and our results are improving all the time. There is no question that our work with Mary has benefited us as an organisation, helped my sales people improve their business and made me a better manager.

John Vickerage - Sales Manager, Imago Group
(Audio Video Equipment Distributor)

I have known Mary for nearly a year, during which time, I have been involved in over a dozen training sessions, both as part of a group and also one2one.

I have found Mary's coaching style to be relaxed, engaging and friendly with an ability to instantly make you think you have known Mary for years. This open, friendly style encourages you in turn to be open and frank, which greatly enhances the coaching experience.

The sessions I have spent with Mary have certainly helped me in both my business and home lives. Not necessarily "how" to do my job, but more how to be more effective.

In summary, I have found that the time spent being coached/trained by Mary has been very well spent and the benefits far in excess of the actual time spent in Mary's company. I look forward to being involved with Mary again in the future.

Andy Wright - Director, Impromptu

I met Mary a year ago and immediately warmed to her. I have met a number of people doing one to one coaching, but most seem to be more interested in offering their opinions about the virtues of what they do, rather than listening to the needs of their clients. Right from the start, I found Mary to be a sympathetic and interested listener, but what was also refreshing was she was also challenging. She is not interested in presenting quick fixes or offering platitudes, simply to please but will provoke careful thought from her clients. This builds credibility in what she works on, because the answers come from you, not from her.

The work we have done together is very focussed on looking forward and finding useful 'tools' that can be used to help deal with daily issues. She works in the positive, in a realistic way, without any hint of propaganda or false expectations, leaving me motivated and feeling good about what lies ahead.

Chris Palmer - Commercial Director, Gerald Judd Sales Ltd
(Paper Merchant to the publishing market)

Vicki has been coming to our house every week for the last 18 months to teach our eldest child. Throughout that period, we have both been impressed with her enthusiasm and motivation. Her remit was to build our daughter’s confidence for both Maths and English, which she has achieved.

Vicki is very reliable and relates to our child very well. Our youngest daughter is interested in many of the learning aids that Vicki brings along with her, making her also keen to learn.

Vicki’s sessions are looked forward to by her pupils as she seems to catch their interest from the outset. “Learning is fun” is definitely a phrase you could use when describing Vicki’s one hour sessions.

Katy & Paul Stebbings

Vicki has been supporting our “year 3” daughter for almost six months and we are delighted with the progress she has made during this time. Vicki uses innovative and imaginative approaches to learning that not only reinforce principles and ideas, but makes the whole learning process fun.

Our daughter has made some real progress in her literacy and numeracy. She has grown in confidence and her concentration has improved considerably. Vicki has tailored her approach to our daughter’s individual needs, complementing the work covered in her school curriculum. Vicki is very professional and reliable, as well as a pleasure to welcome into our home. Her broad range of experiences of both learning and life make her an interesting and well qualified tutor.

Simon and Louise Boitoult