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Horseplay is all about understanding your approach and attitude to leadership, tasks and people's needs. We offer group and individual coaching using horses.

The experience is safe, fun, memorable - and very profound insights can be made. For taking a 600lb horse through a simple task has many parallels with motivating and leading a team of individuals to achieve corporate objectives.

For instance, the horse is oblivious to status - he doesn’t care who thinks they're the boss. He responds best to who he respects and feels comfortable with. So status, authority and control is less effective than empathy and clear, sincere communication.

Unlike humans, the horse does not pay lip service to you. He responds precisely to the messages you send out. You need to be clear in your intentions, and quick to notice whether praise, reassurance or firm direction are needed at any one moment. The horse's reactions to the handler are direct and specific.

Liz Morrison leads this area, usually using two of her own horses. She is well qualified, professionally insured and highly experienced and has also written a best selling book on sports psychology for riders. She ensures that this is a safe activity which is also fun and a very powerful learning experience.

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